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Precious time with Tone'y and the Pleiades Lightbeings

Crystal Skull Sunday: 9th May 2021

Tone'y has been with me since 2010 and during our time together he has touched the Heart's of many people, not just mine. His name means 'Tone', as in a note, a vibration. Due to his colouring he holds the entire spectrum of Light within, from the highest and brightest, to the darkness of nothingness in the void of creation.

To be fully present in this vast spectrum of energy is an expanding experience, one which opens the Heart to create awareness of the multi-dimensional Self and the infinite flows of Cosmic Love.

It is not surprising then, that Tone'y offers an avenue to connect deeply with the Loving guidance offered from the higher-dimensional Beings of Light of the Pleiades stars. For they are deeply invested in offering us (humanity) support as we step into a new Loving paradigm, where the wisdom of the Heart is the key to our evolution.

I share a personal message Tone'y helped me to received this week from the Lightbeings of Pleione, one of the Pleiades stars, with the expectation it will resonate with others:

'There is a place of peace within you. It resides in the home of your Heart. It is a place of union, where the threads of consciousness from the fractal field of the cosmos unite other dimensions into the reality of Now.

Know this. Embody this. Amplify your capacity to utilize the gifts of the Heart. Ride the lightwaves of Love. Open yourself to more potential.

You hide from our wisdom dear one, for part of you fears what we bring.

We ask you to surrender to a deep knowing within the Heart. You find this is resisted by the ego mind as it fears its demise, and its usefulness, as the looping thoughts are given less importance by the bigger part of your consciousness.

Let that be. Allow the mind to 'do its thing' and focus on the expanded part of your awareness which resides in your Heart. Become the observer of thought, not the reactor to those thoughts.

Your mind is a friend once it is tamed, but it must lean that it will not be permitted to run wild and disrupt the equilibrium of your existence.

Focus. Practice focus".

As the words recede a deep sense of Peace overwhelmed me, as the Lightbeings stepped close to encourage my mind to surrender.

I was left to bathe in a vibration of serenity, which was truly blissful, and a space I am most willing to 'practice' to be present with.

I hope you find your way into the still place within the Heart today, and send starlight blessings to surrounding every-body, as always ~ Sue x


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


Information about the up-coming Pleiades Workshops can be found on the website HERE

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