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Opening the Autumn Eclipse Season of Inner Transformation

New Moon ~ 4th November 2021 at 21.14 GMT (Evening UK Time) ~ Avebury Stone Circle

The Scorpio New Moon this year opens the Eclipse Season, as the energy initiated here builds through this lunar phase towards a Partial Lunar Eclipse at the Taurus Full Moon on the 19th November. Beyond that, the following lunation will begin with a Total Solar Eclipse. In all we have a two month window of transformation in which to deeply explore the shadow-self, starting now and closing on the 2nd January 2022.

It is a time to look into the darkness and clear out the clutter, letting go of things no longer needed.

For our moon meditation in the Cosmic Classroom this month, over the inception point of this potent period, we welcomed wisdom through the alignment of Sun, Moon and Stars to make a conscious connection with Zuben Elgenubi, the alpha star of the Libra constellation which represents the pivot-point of the balancing scales.

NB: Due to the procession of Earths axis of rotation, a 26,000 year process also known as the procession of the equinoxes, we sometimes find that the actual stars in alignment with the Sun, Moon and Planets from our perspective do not correlate with the angles we draw on a zodiac chart for astrological interpretation.

Important insights were gained here to set the foundational theme for the whole eclipse season.

On one side of the scale we have the Sense-of-Self we express to the outer world.

On the other side of the scale we have an internal Sense-of-Self.

The two of course are inseparably linked.

Externally we display an energetic vibration which represents the status of our internal acceptance of Self. The inner peace of true self-acceptance radiates abundance and wellness. A lack of self-love can result in a false display of power or a struggle to feel the power-of-self at all.

In meditation we were gifted starlight codes to usher in a new cycle of growth from the Light-beings we encountered. It is a time to move on from old patterns of the past and embrace only the parts of the Self which nurture our Soul and express our creativity in the Now.

A message comes: It is the stillness of Inner Peace which activates true Personal Power and integrates the Soul-Self seamlessly in the the Earthly-Self. Here a balance point is struck between the external expression of Self and the internal knowing of the wholeness of the full expanse of one's Being. Only in the certainty of your individuality can you truly engage fully in the collective and contribute all of your Heart-Light to the Whole. Personally I was shown an expansion taking place in my physical Self, beyond the cellular level. There was even a rearrangement to the electrons which flow through the central nervous system to transmit messages of communication through the physical form in order to allow more of the soul-consciousness to be present. Shapes of light reform the structures, like Lego Bricks rearranging to created an expanded space for the Light of the Multi-dimensional Self to inhabit. These Light-code flowed into the Earth also, creating new patterns on the surface of the energetic infra-structures, like receptor cells waiting to be activated. I found my feet could 'click' into place, just like Lego blocks, to ground myself into the New Earth matrix so that I could now connect in a more integrated way.

I feel that with these new foundations in place we all now have the ability to be more fully present with the wholeness of Self than ever before, consciously connected through the Cosmos in oneness with the great collective whilst remaining fully present in our physical form.

... and so the Soul returns to the Spiritual Home of Self.

What is to come through the rest of the eclipse season, and beyond, will require focus and commitment to our own unique spiritual development. Trust will be needed that our true fulfillment will be met.

As always, I send Starlight Blessing to surround every-body in Love and Peace ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


For the Lunar Eclipse at the Taurus Full Moon on the 19th November we find the Moon in alignment with the Pleiades Stars. There is a special 'Star Wisdom' meditation to welcome a conscious connections with the beautifully enigmatic and loving Beings from the Pleiades. Learn more HERE

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