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New Year Blessings to One and All

As I awake to a new dawn and a new year, bejeweled in dazzling ice, diamond light courses through the veins of the Earth-grid to connect Us all as One, to the brightest light of all. LOVE.

In the silent stillness, senses stretch with heightened awareness. Now, more than ever before, the Light of Love flows into the Heart.

My Heart. Your Heart. Their Heart. Earth's Heart. One Heart.

Standing of the threshold of a New Year, a New Age, a New Paradigm, the growing awareness of Oneness opens the flow of compassion to ALL.

2020 brought us a clear vision of the inter-connectivity of our communities and countries, beyond boarders and boundaries, as the world faced a global challenge like never before.

All Hearts recognize Love, even those closed to Love. It is the resistance in allowing Love to flow which causes pain.

2021 holds a dream of greater Love for self and those connected to our Hearts, as change unfolds around us All to make way for a deeper flow of Light and Love. A New way of Being beckons.

It is a humble Heart here, that counts the blessings which ride on these waves of transformation, and I reach out on the Light to All those connected to me through my work, and through FB, to wish Every-Body a Bright new beginning to a Dazzling New Year!

My world in a radiant place, because of You! Thank you for all your Love and support!

New Year Blessings to One and All

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