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Let in the Light of Love...

A messaged received from the Lionine Starbeings: You have learned much about the Heart. Yet more courage will be needed to follow the path it will lead you on in the future. The Heart hold the light of Love, yes! The heart is the generator, the connection center, the power source through which the Cosmic Light flows to guide the souls journey in this reality.

Love is timeless, infinite and eternal. Love is the fabric of the cosmos. Love is the light of creation in the darkness of possibilities. Love is Now. Now is always.

Love cradles you in its arms and rocks you gently. Love hold a fierce flame too.

The Heart hold the Light of Love. There is no Love more important than Self Love, as Self Love is the source of the river of Love that flows from you to others.

Let in the Light of Love...........


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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