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Elven Message ~ Star of Peace

8th June 2021

The High Elven Ones of Electra were very present with me yesterday, bringing forth their ethereal sense of sovereignty. So much so that I was inspired to look into the astrology of the moment. To my surprise I found that not only was the moon in alignment with the Pleiades stars at this time, but a potent six pointed star was forming for a short while to anchor expanding codes into the Avebury Stone Circle.

This awareness came late in the day and there was no time to put out a call to those who work closely with me in this world, so I embarked on a solo mission to receive all that was offered through this starry transmission.

A message came in a soft singing voice so delicate and refined, along with streams of Light which made the body quiver and the land pulse:

‘Blessings to those who are born this night. Blessings to those who hold the light. (I was shown the image of an infant coming forth in this moment. One who carries these star-codes in their DNA. I was aware of a re-birth energy in my own heart also).

The Peace-Star of power & purpose brings healing to the Hearts of Man. One who learns to focus is one in command of the creative forces of the Cosmos and is a potent cooperative component to the creation of a new way for ALL.

If peace in unity is the target of desire, then a centred & balanced sense of Self is the place to begin this quest.

Harmony of Heart and Mind aligns one with the great-heart of Self, the unification of the multi-dimensional self in the Now.

Keep your focus upon stillness. Much can stir around, circling, wheeling; but peace remains within’.

Then a personal message was gifted, but I share some of the words as I feel they will resonate with others also:

‘Codes are offered to support you in your work. This Light is for your great-heart, to share at your will. Those who are worthy of your love and trust will receive much from you ~ Relax and allow more into your Heart.

Forgive!! Understanding is not needed. Love all for who they are, no matter their behaviour, by release your expectations. Allow all to be as they be. All are worthy of your Love, unconditionally. Trust yourself to hold true to yourself, to stay focused, balanced and able to find compassion within, beyond the judgement which knocks you off your centre.

Remember that the path of light takes time and courage to walk, and not all are able to walk beside you for eternity. Some are companions upon one stretch of the road to offer support, or insights into your own consciousness, not theirs. Much can be learned by those who are willing to look at their reflection in the eyes of another, to view the shadows held within themselves.

No other holds the light you seek to bring this healing, it is inside of you, waiting for you to search for it and claim it as your own.

Be at Peace now. Relax into the knowing that all is well and in right order. We leave you with our Love’.

I feel the blessings of these words on many levels. As we approach the Solar Eclipse tomorrow our shadow-self comes in to view more clearly to bring awareness to past sadness and grief still holding a grip of influence on the Now. I believe now is the time to allow more layers to open to the light, to let go, and to step over the threshold from past to future by focusing in a conscious way. The Light of the future is calling to our Hearts, to reach it we have to leave behind the heaviness from the past.

Many of us know this. Many of us have spent many years working on ourselves in this way. No one is beyond the touch of pain. My awareness is that a new level of expansion is attainable at this time, lifting us to new heights in our conscious evolution.

I surround Every-Body in Starlight Blessings of Peace and Love, as always ~ Sue x


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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