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Earth Day: A Meditation for New Earth

22nd April 2021

The air we breathe sparkles and dances with molecules of starlight, awakening each cell of the body, inviting an exchange of old for new. This light within us flows through us and into the Earth, where it is welcomed into the soil by our Mother. As these shimmering pathways descend deeper and deeper into her body, they slowly take form and shape, becoming solid structures laced with gold, through which light travels. These roots are our connection to the source of our security in the physical world.

Establishing this connection in a conscious way allows the light within us to grow, as we receive the nurturing needed for this activation. Empowered by our inner light we are able to extend our energetic presence deeper into the planet, to the very core, where we connect with the Heart of our Mother. We welcome the waves of love that flow through her body, into our body, merging her heartbeat with our own.

Being in harmony with the rhythm of Gaia allows for an expansion of the Heart which transcends the physical universe. We encompass the wholeness of who we are, recognizing ourselves from within. The very essence of our Multi-dimensional nature is experienced, as our consciousness expands beyond space and time, embracing all aspects of the self through the dimensional gateways.

Connected to the Cosmos in this way we are powerful creators. As we focus our intention on the vision of our dreams, a vision of an enlightened compassionate world, we feed the light structures that create New Earth with positive vibrations.

New roots are forming on the very surface of our world, holding the light for a new way of being. We draw our strength from the stability of today to create a radiant tomorrow.

Each one of us who walks the Earth in this way is 'THE ONE' our planet has been waiting for.

Earth, who lovingly supports us and the whole natural world, all day every day, is beyond worthy of our Love and appreciation, today and always.

My connection to the Earth has taught me much about myself and the cosmos, all of which I am most grateful for.

I take this opportunity to promote 'Sensing the Earth ~ Messages from the Wisdom Keepers'

At a time when connecting to Earth has never seemed more important, to add a sense of stability to our changing world, this engaging book is well work a read. It is jam packed with information from a diverse range of well-known authors, all of whom know a thing or two about Sensing the Earth.

This inspiring anthology, with over 50 collaborations, all of who are considered by the editors to be leading lights in their field, was compiled by Peter Knight and Sue Wallace, and released in 2020 by Stone Seeker Publishing.

I feel most honored and humbles to have been asked to take part in this project, as I was given the opportunity to tell the story of my evolving connection with the Earth and the Stars.

In a chapter titled: 'The awakening journey to cosmic consciousness', I offer insights about how my life-path changed, and my point-of-view about 'reality' expanded, by engaging with the energetic landscape surrounding the Avebury Stone Circle.

Sensing the Earth' is available directly from the publisher HERE

.....and from the bookshelves of The Henge Shop in Avebury. Order online HERE

.....and from Amazon, of course.

Wising everyone a blissful Earth Day and sending Starlight Blessings, as always ~ Sue x


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

She is dedicated to supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos through the events and workshops she offers.

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