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Cancer Full Moon: Empowering the Creator-Self

17th January 2022 at 23.48 GMT (UK Time) We find this very feminine feeling Full Moon at home on the zodiac wheel, as 27 degrees of Cancer, which is the same position she was in for the Solstice zenith on December 21st 2021. The Solstice message of 'Focus on the Light Within' is carried forwards now with new meaning. This time we shift attention away from the empowerment of the Heart, instead to the Seed-of-Light-of-Self held in the pelvis. Here we connect with the Creator-Self, our individuality/uniqueness and our intuitive gifts. Amplifying this inner-light with the power of this potent Full Moon brings heightened awareness of aspects of the Self in other realms of dimensional reality.

It was a blessing to present as the Sun set in the western sky in a dazzling blaze of pink and orange hue's, as the Full Moon rose over the ancient sacred stones of the Avebury henge ~ What a sight!!

It felt like a humble honor to 'Be Here Now' to witness this balanced moment, with the Earth held between these two luminous orbs. Coloured Light shifted from minute to minute, painting the ancient Stones in a rainbow of rays and reminding me of the constancy of change.

We can never be certain of how things will unfold. I am aware of so much power in the cosmic currents at this time that if we try to 'hold on' to tightly, we may find that the resistance we activate in so doing is released in destructive ways. Better to go with the flow.......

Sunday 16th January at 15.04 GMT (UK Time, adjust for your timezone) ~ saw the Sun, which represents one's beliefs about the Self, in direct alignment with Pluto, the planet of transmutation, death/rebirth ~ Activating this transformational energy. For our Moon Meditation we chose to use this force is a conscious way, clearing out the 'mother stories' held in our ancestral lines which limit our movement into the New. Much was dissolved and re-patterned in the matriarchal lineage to align with the up-reaching vibrations of the Great Mother as she ascends to birth the New Earth.

There has been a strong sense of mutation in the crystalline sub-structure, with the consciousness of the mineral kingdom reaching out for connection. The over-soul of the silicates has shown me an expansion in their capacity to hold Light. They wish to engage with us, so it's time to get out our crystal collections and tune-in to their communications about how we can effectively co-create with their kind.

The possibilities here may seem dazzling blinding to those on the outside, as new levels of Self-Empowerment are reached by those who participate; but by adding so much Light into the collective field there is benefit for ALL. Our presence on the Land is important, as our bodies are a conduit to anchor this important energy. I send starry blessings to Every-Body, as always, along with a reminder to ask the intelligence of your cells to adjust gently to these transforming vibrations. ~ With Love ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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