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Solar Eclipse Mind Re-set ~ With Mercury and the Phoenix

Review of the energy transmission received during the Solar Eclipse Star Wisdom Workshop. There are many threads to weave together to fully understand all that was gifted through the Eclipse Portal, and I lay them out to view below, as best I can.

Gemini New Moon. 10th June 2021 at 11.52 BST

Total Solar Eclipse.

Full coverage from 10.49 to 12.33. BST

Max at 11.41. BST

Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury.

(Meditation Event from 10.30 to 12.30 BST)

Due to procession, we now find the actual position of the celestial sphere to have moved away from the traditional placement of the zodiac wheel. During this Eclipse the Sun, Mercury and the Moon were located between the horns of Taurus the Bull, illuminating the point above the crown known as the Soul Star. This hold deep significance to the activating energies of this moment, at is represents the access point to higher consciousness.

Last summer, in 2020, the annual Solar Eclipse occurred at Solstice and was flanked by two Lunar Eclipses at the proceeding and following Full Moon's. During the 2020 Eclipse season much occurred to reconfigure the Cosmic infra-structure. Through the group-work undertaken in the Cosmic Classroom we received starlight transmission to expand the capacity of the Cosmic communication systems, not just for our planet but our whole solar system. In simple terms, our solar system was upgraded from a sub-station to a fully active inter-galactic hub, alike to replacing an old telephone exchange, where an operator manually makes the connections with copper wires, to a fully automated digital exchange where new super-fast fiber systems are distributed, with increased bandwidth, to ease signal flow. With this network in place clearer and faster access to the cosmic vibrations are available, which support our expansion into higher-dimensional living. It shifts our interaction with time and other multi-dimensional functionality. During the Eclipse season in 2021, supported by the interaction of Mercury the messenger, we find that it is OUR mental functions which are being upgraded, bringing our minds 'online' to engage fully with the new systems. This affords us new levels of awareness and an elevated perception of Self. With new mind functions being activated to support 5D+ living. Here our mental programming is offered a new operating system. To engage with it fully we must be willing to overwrite the old with new codes of Light. We are invited to 'let go', to move with a new flow, and ride the currents of expansion into a progressive level of consciousness.

Our meditation began by receiving spiraling rays of solar-gold and moon-silver, flowing to us on the two pathways of stars representing the horns of the bull. Slowly they merged as one offering connection and expansion in a balance way.

Phoenix came, swift and sure, dazzling and bright, gliding in on sure wings from the stars of deep space, supported by the solar winds. Like an arrow, guided by the alignment of Sun, Mercury, Moon and Earth, new light was kindled in our individual Soul Star, Mind and Heart. With blazing flames old ways were burned away, in an all consuming sphere, to reveal a new sense of Self. A re-birth to align the soul-path with the New Earth paradigm. Stillness. Peace. Expansion in pelvis and base offering stability and security, and new sense of freedom to Be. 'I am who I am'. Phoenix delivered this catalyst of radiance to us and through us, and once integrated on a personal level we were asked to be a conduit for this transforming light to reach the earth-grids through the Avebury Stone Circle and the energetic portals there in.

We were primarily asked to release restraints in the programming of the Masculine archetype and the patriarchal architecture. The stoic, stalwart, un-feeling patterns were softened to allow a sense of sensitivity, to activate balance for the whole. Any place upon the land which held the heaviness of mankind's burdens was offered this dazzling light and transmutation into a new way. Much was accepted. Much change initiated.

Soon after this event I was recounting the details to a dear man who is a dear friend. Much confirming information was exchanged. My words brought tears of joy, and his words touched my Heart deeply. He was delighted to hear of this release from the masculine burdens, and spoke of the blissful energy he experienced throughout the eclipse, 'the most joyful and peaceful' he can recall. We spoke of the re-programming of the Light-code, the release of the old and the courage it will take to strike out into the un-know newness. In that moment two very long light-tubes, which had been leaning up again the wall for many days, chose that moment to fall. First one and then the other smashed noisily on the floor as we sat in stunned stillness, showering us both in glittering shards of glass. As these new light-codes take effect, and transformation takes place in the structures around us, we can expect some disruption, some shocks maybe, and some fear to rise from the collective. You are encouraged by the guides from the light-realms to keep your balance and hold the Light. They say: Trust! Trust, that all is unfolding as it must to create the positive change of desire. As always, I am grateful beyond words for all the support which I receive with this work; both from the people who participate and share in these experiences, and for the unceasing wisdom delivered from the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light of the Star Nation. There is more to come, as this Solar Eclipse is an initiation vibration, the start of a new lunar cycle. As the moon's influence grows towards the Full Moon on the 24th June, the Solstice codes will also be woven into these strands of expanding light. Events are planned to receive the starlight transmissions of Solstice, the Full Moon and to close out the Eclipse Season on 9th July ~ Visit the event page for details. Thank you! Surrounding Every-Body in Starlight Blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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