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Lunar Eclipse Star Portal: Balancing the Elements for greater Illumination

Sagittarius Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Wednesday 26th May 2021 at 12.19 BST (UK Time).

Outdoor Meditation at Avebury Stone Circle.

With the expectation that important vibrations were to be gifted to the Earth from the starlight realms as the magnetosphere relaxed during the eclipse, I was called to stand upon on the land within the Avebury Henge to create a conscious conduit for the safe delivery of these ascension codes.

Whilst the Moon was in shadow, I was joined by a small group of special souls who were willing to support the mission I had accepted from my guides. The higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from the Star Nations requested that we opened our Hearts four times, in four location around the circle, to interact with the elemental energies, as we engaged with the elemental dragons of the Avebury Clan, the land, the stones and the stars.

Air was brought to Fire, fanning the flames of Light held within. As we stood on the ridge of the Henge for this process, great gusts of wind left no doubt that our intention had been honored.

Awareness of 'Earth' descended deeper underground by following the pathways created by Water. Fire was brought to the Earth to illuminate the dark places buried at these newly exposed depths, as the sun broke through the clouds to warm our skin. Water was released to the Air, imbuing the hydrological systems of the globe with these new starlight codes, as we honored Oxygen, the elemental structure uniting the four elements.

Air = 21% Oxygen Water = H2O

Earth = 92% Oxygen for average crust forming Rocks (Ref: University of Chicago Press) Fire is fueled by Oxygen, as are we.

Upon completion of our tasks, a balancing force of deep peace was felt in our Hearts and in the Land, creating an expansive and stable platform upon which to stand. With these foundations in place, on a new deeper level, we all felt ready to expand with the incoming codes expected to arrive at the Solar Eclipse (10th June) and over Solstice (21st June).

Much has been received and embedded through the eclipse season already, with light-codes arriving through the Pleiades solar alignment, among others, to pave the way. We have a period of integration now, before the Solar Eclipse brings in the next wave, which will build up until the Capricorn Full Moon on the 24th, weaving in the Solstice threads along the way. We see the summer eclipse season close on the 10th July, and by this time plenty will have changed in a positive way.

The purpose for all this is one of illumination; to strengthen the acceptance of the creative Light held within each Being. Being present with the light-of-Self is what empowers our individuality. As we each express our unique Light, the whole world gets brighter, lighter, more radiant…………… Dazzling!

Shine dear Hearts. It is time to come out of the shadows. Message from the Avebury Stones: Remember, energy flows were attention goes. Choose wisely where you allow your creative Light to go.

This message was highlighted by an inquisitive lamb, who wondered what all the fuss was about with this broken stone. I like to think this sentient Being could sense the activation that had just been anchored here.

Look after yourselves lovely ones, and nurture you Light ~ Surrounding Every-Body in Moonbeam Blessings, and Love, as always ~ Sue x


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


Details about the Online Meditation Workshop: Solar Eclipse Star Wisdom on the 10th June 2021 can be found HERE along with information about how an Eclipse is created.

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