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22-5-22 Dimensional Shift

22nd May 2022 ~ Crystal Skull Sunday)

For the past few days I have been in deep communion with the luminous Beings of the Seven Sisters, during the time of the Sun's annual alignment with the Pleiades Stars, and beyond.

7.30pm 20th May to 7.38pm 21st May. Also Sun, Mercury Conjunction on 21st May.

First there was a journey with the Pleiadian High Elven on the 20th, following the flows through the newly formed dimension in the fractal-structures of the cosmos. This space between spaces, which recently opened at the eclipse, offers a new perspective in perception, inviting a broader point-of-view of both the Self and all other constructs. This shift brings the clarity we have been waiting for to step clearly into 5D living, by illuminating the pathways within the Mind which link Head and Heart in harmonic union, enabling the Creator-Self.

Pearls of star-wisdom were gifted from the White Queen & noble King of the Elven. Soft shimmering hues of colour played on their surface in pastel pink, purple, green and blue. Intertwined Gold and Silver threads formed the structure which held them, and dazzling diamond-light radiated from each intersection in the great tapestry they formed.

Following fast moving super-highways of light lead to a place of utter darkness. In the stillness of the void I found myself alone with only loving guidance offered from a great distance by the Elven Queen, through our entangles thoughts. Her knowing echoed in my mind to answer the questions which arose.

Grasping for meaning in this immersive blackness, her words came:

'There is light in the darkness' I saw no light.

What does this mean? I ask.

'There is light in the darkness, do you not see it?

For what felt like a long time I was held in this inky space, pondering......

Then I realized the only 'thing' here was me.

Within me was the creative spark to ignite the Light in this place.

I have heard these words before of course, seen similar visions, caught glimpses of the truth of this, but this knowing took on a new form, as real as the pearl I had been gifted, and new levels of understanding were available to embody.

It rippled through all layers of me, re-patterning every possible structure in consciousness, so that I emerged out into a new reality of Light, bearing seeds of diamond-light to gift to the Earth.

The Second journey, on the 21st, was with the expansive Beings-of-Light from Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades cluster. Their presence brought further integration into these new structures as they shared much Star Wisdom. I was shown a map and offered insights into it's meaning. Here in our physical world we use 2D maps to help us navigate the 3D terrain. The map we hold whilst out walking on the land does not look the same at the landscape around us. There is a process of learning require to be able to interpret the information. For example, contour-lines which represent the mountains and valleys we see before us must be projected through the mind onto the countryside, if they are to prove useful.

The new map I was shown gives insights into how the unseen realms can be navigated. Again, learning is required if it is to be useful. It is a holographic fractal structure, repeating, repeating, repeating on many different scales. Yet between each 'something' there is nothing but the potential of 'space'. This 'space' offers a new perspective of the higher dimensions. Guidance comes: 'Be present with us now and be still', as my mind had been in overdrive, wishing to learn all the Plieades Light-Brings shared, fueled by Mercury's influence for understanding.

'We are ambassadors of the Diamond-Light, as we unite in wholeness the many aspects of light. You say this is the highest vibration, but that is not so. Choose your words carefully.

The highest vibration of 'light' is the shortest wavelength in the light-spectrum, just a single frequency in the ultra-violet range. The Diamond-Light is the strongest Light as it is formed in union. There are lessons here for you. There is great strength in unification. Harmonic resonance amplifies your efforts beyond the combined measure of each individuals input.

Today my heart was called into service again, to welcome another layer of understanding from the High Elven Ones through a special 22-5-22 gathering in Avebury.

We explored the flows within the cosmic infra-structure and linked our hearts in a powerful union, as advised. Together our group was the conduit through which another transmission of star-codes were delivered to the Heart of Gaia, to integrate old pathways with new, to facilitate smooth access to the new dimension that has opened for ALL.

The song of a blackbird sitting the apple tree outside the Cosmic Classroom window was the joyful sound which generated the thread upon which these new star-codes were woven into being. A Bee followed the path, in through the south window and out through the north, contributing to the vibrations and acknowledging the flow we had activated.

The dimensional shift we are ALL experiencing can leave us feeling disoriented. I invite you to find a moment of stillness today to ask the intelligence of your body & light-body to align with the new vibrations in the cosmos. Tap into the Earth's heartbeat. Her light is carrying these codes.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sun-Day ~ Surrounding every-body in Starlight Blessings and much Love, as always ~ Sue ⭐️🌟✨


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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