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Avebury: Spring Equinox Star Wisdom Workshop

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Spring Equinox Star Wisdom

In-Person: Avebury Meditation Workshop

Monday 20th March 2023

1pm to 4pm GMT (UK Time)

Exchange £44

See full details and terms & conditions below

Equinox always brings a potent moment of stillness, as the Earth reaches a place of balance on its annual journey around the Sun. We find the Sun directly over the equator at this time, with its light-rays striking the planet at 90 degrees, giving us equal day and night.

This seasonal transition marks the start of the spring bloom in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of the autumn fall in the southern hemisphere. It also activates a notable vibration shift within the earth-currents of the global grids.  It is possible to perceive these fluctuations in the streams of energy which travel through the sacred site of Avebury Stone Circle, which can feels omni-present and intensified in this moment of apparent suspension.

As the Sun moves into the position of zero degrees Aries on the zodiac wheel it denotes the March Equinox moment, and the beginning of the new astrological year. 

In 2023 this occurs on 20th March at 21.24 GMT (Local UK Time).

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For those wishing to dive deeply into all that is available energetically over Equinox, you are invited to Avebury Stone Circle for a Half Day Workshop which offers immersive meditations to commune with the Cosmic vibrations, and the Higher-Dimensional Beings of the Starlight realms who lovingly support our evolution.


We start our gathering with insights into the current vibrations to set the theme for our time together.  Here you will be invited to participate in a series of guided visualisation meditations, to open a Heart connection, through which it is possible to receive energetic transmissions, as we align with the Star Wisdom gifted to us from the Star Nation.

We hold an expectation of expanding awareness through what is gifted to us, as we spring into a fresh perspective of what it means to be a conscious component of a unified collective. This communion opens potent possibilities to integrate new aspects of the Multi-Dimensional self and align with one’s Soul-codes.

The Awakened Ones are being called into service, to embody the light of New Earth. To ‘be the light’ which is creating a new paradigm on our planet.

This workshop opens a space for you to align with this call. It requires an awareness of ones sovereign and the willingness to claim your power as a conscious creator.

All focused souls who are ready to open their Hearts and Minds to the New Light offered to us through this portal, for Personal/Planetary/Cosmic expansion are welcome to participate.

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This event is hosted by Sue Coulson, the founder of Cosmic Classroom.


Sue has been actively engaging with the energies of the ancient landscape surrounding Avebury since January 2007.  She holds a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to make this a unique and informative event. 

Learn More HERE

Additional information, terms & conditions. 

Registration & Cancellation Policy
Registration is now OPEN.  Full payment is requested to secure your place at this half day workshop.

Your payment is non-refundable unless 24 hour notice is give before the start time of the event.

Registration closes at 10.00 GMT on the 20th March 2023, or when the workshop is fully booked.
It is likely that payments received after registration has closed will not be processed in time for inclusion.
If a confirmation Email is not sent to you prior to the start of the event, all funds received will be returned as soon as possible.  
(Please note, there may be transaction fees withheld from your refund which are outside of our control).


This event is aimed at an intermediate level, and is open to all those who feel called to join who have sufficient meditation experience to maintain focus and personal balance. This will be a small group of up to 7 participants. 

At the start of the session there will be an introduction to set a clear intention for the meditation.

Following the guided visualization meditation you will be invited to speak to the group and share feedback about your experience of the meditation.

Location. Parking. Facilities:

Cosmic Classroom.  !st Floor of the Henge Shop. High Street Avebury. SN8 1RF.

A free parking permit will be issued on the day.  Directions to the car-park will be sent in your confirmation Email.

Bottled water will be provided.  Please bring a notebook and pen. 


Note: There is an opportunity, through an additional event, for you to join Sue Coulson for a FREE Outdoor Meditation among the sacred stones of Avebury Circle at Sunset

Monday 20th February 2022: 5.30pm to 6.30pm. 

Discover more details about this bonus HERE

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