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Sea Henge: A Wooden Circle in the Norfolk Sand

Seahenge. Holme beach. Holme-next-to-the-Sea. Norfolk. UK.

Map ref: TF 71125 452639

In the summer of 1998 on the northwest Norfolk coastline in the UK, where the sea appears to roll out of view at low tide only to race in like a train over the great expanse of flat sand with the return of the waters, a secret from the past was revealed to the world. A great upturned Oak Stump, with its sturdy roots pointing up to the sky, was exposed by the shifting sands. Surrounding this central 2.5 meter trunk was a 6.7 meter circle of 55 smaller Oak logs which had been split and erected in a close-fitting arrangement. All bar one of these hand-hewed posts had their bark facing outwards so that from a distance it wold have appeared like one giant dark tree with a gleaming line of light running vertically on the north-east side. Obviously, from the inside the reverse would have been observed. A bright ring of shining timber surrounding this sacred inverted tree.

The wood has been dated accurately to 2049 BC: by assessing of the tree rings and radio carbon dating.

This early bronze-age monument was constructed on an inland salt marsh, protected from the ocean by sand dunes and mud flats. Over time, coastal erosion changed the landscape, first burying the structure and preserving it, and then exposing it once again to the elements.

Reports say that it had been know about by locals for 20 years prior to it's 'discovery', but once its presence was brought to the attention of the archaeological community all the timbers were removed from the site to preserve and study them, as it was believed that they would have been quickly destroyed if left in place. The remains are now on display in King’s Lynn Museum, along with a reconstruction model.

It was not alone. A second, similar, monument was discovered close by and was labeled Seahenge II. This one was however left in place. There is nothing left to see of these sacred structures on site today, as the sea has washed it away, and this beautiful beach is now a protected wildlife sanctuary. It offers simply stunning views for those who respectfully visit this lovely location, and some special vibrations can be observed here by sensitive souls.

It has been a great pleasure to spend time here on numerous occasions over the years, researching the energy patterns of this place which was sacred to our ancestors.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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Jun 13

Thank you for sharing the information about this ancient site💙


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