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Pisces Full Moon: Individualisation in Collective Consciousness.

10th September 2022 at 10.59 BST (UK, adjust for your location).

The Pisces Full Moon lifts awareness easily beyond the veil to commune with the multi-dimensional aspects of Self in other realms. Here we explored the Dream-of Dreams which is calling ALL Hearts into the higher dimensions of the New Paradigm, through the Higher-Self's connection with the collective consciousness.

The morning Sun bathed the sacred stone in much illumination during our Cosmic Connection Meditation over the peek of the full Moon. With the Earth suspended in balance between the Sun, who's golden rays were amplifying the logical details of the Virgo Mind, and the silvery Moon moving through intuitive Pisces, there was an opportunity to address any discord, purge, and merge all functions of perception to form a clear view of the Multi-dimensional Self.

With the ego-consciousness at peace, a transcendent awareness of Self emerges. Here it is clear to see one's connection to the Collective, where together, each unique Being strives to empower the highest values to elevate the entire cosmic-social-structure, dreaming new dreams into Being to benefit ALL. Message: Be at Peace in the Oneness. Do not fear the loss of individuality. To be fully engaged in the collective, tending to your own unique light must be your primary focus, as it creates the connection & contributes greatly to the strength of the community. Your light is supported in the same way as your light supports others. United, together, the vibration is magnificent joy, dazzling, indomitable, pure radiant Love. (Lightbeing of Homam ~ ζ Pegasi).

Later in the day there was a gathering in the Cosmic Classroom™ to 'Speak with the Star Nations' through a Crystal Skull Meditation.

We reached out through an alignment with slow-moving Mercury, who stationed to turn retrograde at 04.37 BST on 10th September, to a star named Diadem in the Coma Berenices Constellation.

Not to surprisingly, all the participants were gifted a Crown by the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light we encountered here, to be worn as a symbol of embodying ones Sovereignty more clearly.

There are new levels of understanding to be reached about ones personal power. We were escorted on a journey into another realm to view the potential which lay's before us ALL on our evolutionary path into greater consciousness. I was shown that in their home-land city all Beings claim the full power of their Sovereignty. There is no separation in Mind. There are no secrets, and there is no way to hide the truth of the Heart. All live in open Union, contributing freely to the collective gain. No one is more important that another. All gifts are acknowledge and seen as a blessing. All are supported with compassion.

There message: Learn to trust in 'being seen'. Heal the hurts in your heart and mind, for their is no room for self-criticism, guild or shame in the light-realms of this higher-dimensional reality. Here, such heaviness clouds the focus of the collective. It is time to accept all aspects of Self with Love. Align Head and Heart in a place of Peace.

Of course, much more was shared for personal expansion, and all those who joined me on this Full Moon journey experiences energetic shifts and greater clarity about their life-path. As always, I am deeply grateful for all that was shared in Love and Trust to contribute towards collective change.

Surrounding every-body in Starlight Blessings ~ Sue xXx


Sue Couslon: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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