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Cancer New Moon 2024. Sirius: Illuminating the Path of Dreams

5th July 2024 at 23.57 BST (UK Time. Adjust for your location).

Avebury Stone Circle. Wiltshire. UK.

It was dark, very dark out in the Avebury Henge close to midnight, as heavy storm-clouds hung overhead obscuring any potential light from above. The trees were dripping with resent rain, creating relaxing rhythms to sooth the small sparks of unease in the mind, which arose as a result of not being able to see very much at all. It was as if the trees were singing a soft lullaby to remind me I was not in this nebulosity unaccompanied. I appreciated the gentle reminder that one is never alone among the Stones, for their presence is strong, especially at times like this, and many other entities from the unseen realms watch over those who visit here.

The earth-currents which travel through this ancient site were flowing gently, not generating many waves. All seemed peaceful and calm. Then the light came, in far-off flashes which illuminated the whole sky above, even through the blanket of cloud. Sheet Lightning, flash after flash, creeping ever closer... It was a dramatic display of the power of the Light to dispel darkness. To me is seemed a fitting demonstration of comic power, after the meditation we had just done to bring in new star-codes from the Sirius star system to empower the earth-grids with new Light.

At the time of the inception of this new lunar cycle, the Moon & Sun were in direct longitudinal alignment with Sirius; the brightest Star we can see in the night sky. It is the heart-star of Canis Major, the Dog, and its observed presence is steeped in lore, legend and myth the world over.

For the Cosmic Connection Meditation with the MOON WISE'ing Patreon Community we engaged with the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from the main blue star of this binary/multiple star system, which is only 8.6 light years away.

Their message: 'Open the gateways. Clear all obstructions'. The vibrations they delivered were for expansion in the illumination of Primal Truth. A re-calibration for the beliefs held in the human collective consciousness which offer resistance to unity, through a shift in the higher functionality of the Mind. We were offered meditation practices to support this development, which expand the Crown and center the Mind. Engagement with these energies opened connection with the dreams held in the dream-field of our multi-dimensional Self, and the great dream-of-dreams emanating from the cosmic collective. It was an immensely empowering experience, directing us into the flows calling to the Heart, on a vibration of Love, compassion, fulfillment and joy, which lead to the New Way of harmonious togetherness through clear unbounded communication.


Before the New Moon a message came from the Black King of the High Elven, which seems fitting, so I share here...

... and so it is... Into the darkness we go, as the moon withdraws her radiance in preparation for the new lunar cycle to begin.

In this transition time of integration, between all that has landed, and all the potential which is calling us forward, on a deeper journey of understanding of the Soul Self:

'Take time in stillness to follow the threads inwards which lead to the seeds of Truth. You will find them, even in the darkness. Look for their Light, otherwise they may trip you up, causing you to stumble or fall'.

There is guidance available, from those who know the way into the sacred chambers of the hidden Heart, by those who walk a path into their own shadows. Ask; for the hand of the Black King of the High Elven is available to support us ALL.


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle, and beyond.


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