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Balancing the Male/Female Dragon Flows with Mars and Venus.

Avebury Stone Circle. Cosmic Connection Meditations.

Star-Date: 14-2-24. 14th February 2024

(05.45 to 06.18 GMT. UK Time).

The Dragon energy of this lunar cycle stirs, awakening aspects of the Self hidden in plain sight, activating a 'light-bulb' moment, where it is possible to suddenly see resistant patterns which impede forward motion.

In the Light of this awareness, progress can be made to align more smoothly with one's soul-path... opening the Heart to the flow of cosmic Love, which feed Life with loving and joyful experiences.

Action-orientated Mars made an exact alignment with Pluto, the planet of death/rebirth on this morning, bringing a jolt of masculine energy to transform beliefs about initiative, work, processes, procedures and adventure. Re-framing ideas around achievement, among other things, undoubtedly.

White Dragon brings a Valentine message, 'Jump onboard. Allow yourself to take the ride of you Life with Joy'.

Star-Date: 17-2-24. 17th February 2024

(08.45 to 09.03 GMT ~ UK Time). There were Dragon blessings for the sacred feminine today, as Venus passed Pluto to initiate another step in the ascension process into the new paradigm of consciousness.

'Travel into the shadows, take a moment to pause and look around carefully. You may well find that you see more clearly here than your fear would have you believe, and a new perspective about your personal power is now possible'.

Star-Date 19-2-24. 19th February 2024

(20.47 GMT. UK Time)

A big wave of inspiration flowed in with Chiron's conjunction with the North-node, creating a day of release from old mental patterns which seemed somehow insurmountable in previous times.

The current cosmic vibrations prompted me to move swiftly forwards with a long-held plan to form a new community; a place for those who wish to follow my adventures with the Earth, Stones and Star-Nations at sacred sites, and actively engage with this energetic work I carry out whilst following the flows of the Moon's journey through the Stars.

It is now possible to become a Patreon of the Cosmic Classroom™ through the 'MOON WISE'ing' Program, and take part in creating a personal shift in consciousness...

Star-Date: 22-2-24. 22nd February 2024

(07.11 GMT. UK Time)

Venus and Mars exactly united in the sky from our perspective here on Earth.

A message came: 'Plant your feet on the land as you stand in your full power.

Open your heart and expand. Expand into the full knowing of your sovereign-Self. Allow the Cosmic-Light of your multi-dimensional essence to fully flow through you, now.

Creation code of balanced union are offered. Welcome them. Receive them. Integrate them. Allow their becoming to be present within every aspect of you'.

With a swirl of light, so powerfully bright, new vibrations flow into the land, like a tidal wave of galloping white horses gushing forwards between the banks of a mighty river to be corralled into an ever-decreasing anti-clockwise spiral; to 'unwind the structural patterns of time and space that offer resistance to the New cosmic currents of creation', I am told.

The White Dragon is present to conduct the course and offer support and guidance; flying high to watch over the proceedings with the clarity of a higher perspective.

As this potent lunar cycle waxes towards its full radiance on 24-2-24, I am reminded that it began with the Aquarius New Moon and initiated the Chinese year of the Dragon. Powerful vibrations for the formation of the new paradigm are coalescing to open new pathways in consciousness.

I encourage all awakened ones to make a few moments in their day to follow the guidance of the Dragon, and allow in the new vibrations that they bring to be received within.

Surrounding every-body in starry blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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