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Avebury Gathering of the Crystal Skull Guardians 2023

2nd Annual Avebury Crystal Skull Convention ~ 4th & 5th November 2023

Co-hosted by Cosmic Classroom™ & Henge Skulls, at the Henge Shop, Avebury, SN8 1RF.

The Guardian Gathering on Saturday 4th November held the intention of bringing together the Crystal Skulls for an energy exchange; and their caretakers to share insights and information at a friendly open day. I'm delighted to say that both of these aims were met in a wonderful way. The vibrations in the room were sky-high, and there was much to talk about between those who attended.

There were potent cosmic forces in play, with a six pointed star in the astrology, created by Earth and Water tines.

Unsurprisingly it rained, and we chose to do the Skull Meditation indoors rather than outside, as originally planned. It was powerfully peaceful, bringing focus to balance, within and without, above and below; as a route to anchor new star-codes.

Not everyone who joined us had previous experience with Crystal Skulls, and for me one of the highlights of the day was introducing new people to the potent catalyst these crystalline Beings can be to an expansion in consciousness. To witness someone awaken to feeling the energy which the Crystal Skulls gift us is a beautiful privilege.

On Sunday 5th November a small group gathered for a immersive Meditation to 'Speak with the Star Nations' with the support of the Crystal Skull Collective.

We followed a solar connection to an evolved Orange Star named Menkent in the Centaurus constellation. Here we received celestial rays to stimulate physical healing through an intense heat transmission in the progressive patterns of four and eight, along with powerful activation's for the mind's-eye through a pyramid to expand the perception of Self. With galloping hooves which flashed with white-fire and shimmers of Silver and Gold in the dazzling diamond light which surrounded them, a herd of Centaurs pounded out new rhythms in the stellar-fields of a higher-dimensional realm to empower the waters of our world. We took a journey through the hydrological system; from ground-water to spring and onwards into a stream, lake and river to the sea. A deep dive to the ocean floor delivered the star-codes to new depths, contributing content to the larva-flows creating new oceanic crust, to empower the crystalline matrix of New Earth.

On the surface we watched the wind carry water-vapor high into the sky, to fall as snow on the peeks of the mountains, offering an expansion to the Ice-codes of the Solar-System through sympathetic resonance. 3D. 5D. 7D. Elevating All. We were invited to harmonize our body-water to bring this expansive vibration of joy-full, play-full, freedom into the collective field. The Centaurs pointed out the importance of maintaining our own energetic balance, by highlighting the difference between empathy and compassion; showing us the potential for empathy to pull us off balance by taking on the patterning of another, and compassion flowing from the center of the empowered Sovereign Heart, enabled by full acceptance of Self-Love. The whole weekend has been a blessings, with so much to be grateful for. I pass along those blessing to All, with extra sparkles of appreciation going to those who joined me in Avebury. ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Special thanks goes to those who contributed to bringing this gathering together:

Dawn Henderson, aka D.K.Henderson, author of the Crystal Skull Chronicles Series of book.

Clea Gomples, aka Terre Andromeda, author of the Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls Oracle Deck, featuring the photography of Philippe Ullens.

Philippe Ullens, creative director at Henge Skulls and Crystal Skull collector.

Jo Dickinson, aka the Crystal Skull Lady, as featured in 'Chat it's fate' magazine.

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