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Lionine Starbeing ~ Online Meditation Workshops

Star Lion. White Lion. Online Meditation
Lionine Starbeing Workshop

Online Live via Zoom

Monday 22nd August 2022

19.00 to 21.00 BST (UK Time)

Exchange £22.22   Limited to 8 Places

See full details and terms & conditions below

The intention for this online meditation workshop is to draw together those who are willing to open themselves fully to be a clear channel to receive energy & messages from the Lionine Starbeings. Utilizing journey meditation techniques we will travel to starlight realms to meet the Lionine Starbeings. We hold the expectation of bringing forwards new vibrations & information, for personal expansion, and to support the evolution of the earth-grid network of star-gates to strengthen their connection to the cosmic infra-structure.


It is an intermediate workshop. Some previous meditation experience is required, though it is not necessary to have an existing relationship with the Lions. You will be guided through a series of meditations to facilitate expansion, connection and communication with the Lionine Star Races by Sue Coulson.


This small gathering is open to those who feel drawn to participate with open hearts and mind, who have sufficient meditation experience to maintain their own focus and balance. It is a development workshop, where you will be supported and nurtured by Sue and her Lion guide.

Sue met an etheric White Lion in July 2011, during a moon meditation among the Avebury Stones at the time of a partial Solar Eclipse.  He has been her constant companion since this first encounter, and is now a trusted friend and a generous source of heart-centered star wisdom. 

Each year Sue facilitates a Lionine gathering for the 8:8 Lion Gate, on the 8th of August, in Avebury, Wilts, UK.
More detail of the 2021 event will follow soon. 

Additional information, terms & conditions. 

Login Information for the Zoom Session will be sent via Email to the address used for Payment. 
Your confirmation should arrive promptly, and at the very latest,1 hour prior to the start of the event.

Please check your Inbox and your Junk folder.  

If you have not received the Login information please message: 

Registration & Cancellation Policy

Your payment is non-refundable unless 24 hour notice is give before the start time of the event.

Registration for all events closes one hour prior to the start time, unless otherwise stated. 
It is likely that payments received after registration has closed will not be processed in time for inclusion.
If the Login Information is not sent to you, all funds received will be returned as soon as possible.

(Please note, there may be transaction fees withheld from your refund which are outside of our control).


Your full participation is requested during this group Zoom session, with Video & Audio connection.

Please allow time to install the free zoom app to your devise prior to the start of the session.
The link to the free zoom app will be sent in your Conformation Email. 


Following the meditations you will be invited to speak to the group and share feedback about your experience.


The session will be recorded for reference and will be available to view for 7 days after the event.

Important!  Please note: The recording will only be sent to those who participate in the live session. 

(If you register but do not attend the live session, you will NOT receive the recording).


This measure is implemented to comply with our privacy policy, so that everyone who is taking part can see who they share their personal information with. At a gathering such as this, were we open a safe space to speak of personal insights, it seems right to honor the sacred trust that is formed in the group.

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